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Me as a mum

I'm mum to three cheeky, happy little boys including a set of non identical twins. My home is a bustle of constant noise and energy with hardly a single moment of downtime, but quite honestly I not only cope but I thrive on it because I get great sleep. I feel like I've parented in completely different ways with my twins and then my singleton. I've followed a strict schedule, I've gone with the flow, I've bottle fed to the schedule, I've breastfed on demand, I've used a buggy for everything, I've ditched the buggy in favour of the sling. There's no one right way, it all works, and I'm passionate about supporting parents in their choices whilst helping them to get great sleep. 

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My journey to becoming a sleep consultant

I wasn't one of the lucky few who was gifted with a baby who started sleeping through the night at 6 weeks and never stopped. But I was gifted with great kids and so we taught them how to sleep. 

I enlisted the help of a sleep consultant and together we transformed my world from having no evening to speak of, severely broken sleep and no downtime due to poor naps, into a world of good quality sleep and a bit of time to myself in the day. I felt like a person again. 

It was after this transformation that I realised the power of sleep and my passion for it. I decided to do my training with The Family Sleep Institute as it offered the most comprehensive training and support and has allowed me to help countless other families achieve the transformation that I experienced.

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My goals

I'm absolutely passionate about parenting, about sleep and about helping people to be the best that they can be. I truly believe that we all need good quality, consolidated, healthy sleep to function at our best and I know that given the right support everybody can achieve that. I get a huge amount of personal satisfaction from helping a sleep deprived family transform into a healthy, happy family and to know that I've helped the parents to teach their child a vital life skill which they'll all benefit from for years to come.