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Here's a small selection of my happy customers

Matilda and Thomas (5 months)

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When I spoke to Natalie our five month old twins were taking hours to settle at bedtime, needing to be held and rocked and when they did get to sleep they woke up four times each. The only way I could get them to sleep during the day was in the buggy. Natalie was so helpful and knowledgeable; she gave me the confidence and support to embark on sleep training. As a twin mum herself Natalie understood exactly what we were up against and was able to give me twin-specific tips as well as tailor advice to suit our family’s situation. Bedtime is no longer something to dread at the end of the day - the twins go to bed at 7pm and are able to self sooth. They are napping well in their cots and we have managed to establish a routine. I can’t explain the difference it makes getting our evenings back and having a couple of hours to reset during the day, not to mention having happy, well rested babies! I would highly recommend getting in touch with Natalie if you have any problems with your little one’s sleep patterns.

Henry (9 months)

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Thanks to Natalie, our 9 month old is now sleeping through the night! Two weeks ago, I thought this was an impossibility but thanks to Natalie's expertise, encouragement and advice, we got there!  Our baby had been waking every 2-3hrs since birth. With only breast feeding as a method to ensure he went to sleep, I had run out of steam. Natalie drew us up a sleep plan that suited our family. She then guide us through two weeks of training with the result being a sleeping baby! He now sleeps for at least 11 hours at night and goes into his cot for 2 naps a day!  If you are considering a sleep consultant, I would recommend delaying no further and using Sleep Rocks! Thank you Natalie

Arthur and Archie (11 months)

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When I met Natalie our 11 month old twin boys were waking throughout the night and I was still having to breastfeed them several times throughout the night to resettle. I was still sleeping in the nursery and my husband was unable to settle them...needless to say I was exhausted. I was really anxious about ‘sleep training’ and I remember the first night bursting into tears but Natalie was so reassuring and calm and being a twin mum herself I felt was the best person to help us. The first night was tough (for me I think more than anyone else). I couldn’t believe it when 3 days later the boys slept through the night for the first time since they were 12 weeks old. A week in and the boys were napping in their cot during the day and are now able to settle themselves at night - We even ditched their dummies. I can’t quite believe how quickly they adapted and to have them sleeping through feels nothing short of a miracle!

Charlotte and Benji (4 months)

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Having experienced a very challenging and unsuccessful time of trying to sleep train my older daughter I was petrified of how I was going to cope with twins. At 4 months of age and feeling exhausted with builders in and unbearable heat to deal with I enlisted the help of Natalie. She has been fantastic. Her calm approach coupled with her focus on ensuring that I was happy with any techniques I was using meant that I felt comfortable and confident in what I was doing. Her support via phone, text and email meant I could quickly address any potential hiccups and look towards taking things forward at a pace that suited me. To my amazement within days I could see positive results that were hugely encouraging and things continued to improve from there. I went from walking the twins for every nap and rocking or feeding to sleep at night to being able to put them down to sleep in their cot without fuss. Last night for the first time at just over 5 months of age Benji slept without any wake ups from 6.30pm until 6.30am which I would have never thought possible! Not only am I getting better sleep at night but daytime naps have allowed me to gain some much needed time with my older daughter and when the babies wake they are well rested and happy. I honestly can’t thank Natalie enough for all her kind help and would highly recommend her if you are struggling with sleep or lack of it!

Xander (20 months)

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Our little boy Xander was taking up to 2 hours to get to sleep at night and then waking throughout the evening and night. We could tell he was tired but every time we left the room he would scream and get himself so worked up it would take him forever to get settled again. Having tried a number of different tactics which made no difference we turned to Natalie for help. Natalie was a great listener and it felt like she really tailored her advice specifically around Xander.  Feeling a little sceptical we embarkered on the program she sent through to us. Throughout the program we spoke to her regularly so that we could update her on progress and she could help us tweak the program based on how he was responding. It actually felt pretty therapeutic being able to talk to someone impartial, and she was so supportive throughout. We started to see a difference from about night 2, and by night 12 bedtime no longer felt like a torture and for some reason when we got bedtime sorted it had a positive effect on the rest of the night as well as nap times. Xander is now able to self sooth which means he can get to sleep on his own without us staying in the room. And if he ever takes a backward step then we know exactly what to do!  If you need to get your evening back and / or get a full night sleep then I would highly recommend getting in touch.

Snow and Florence (3.5 years)

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 After having 3 years of our twin girls sleeping beautifully and all night in their own beds–  we hit some tricky times with multiple night waking, along with getting them to sleep as they share the same room. Natalie was brilliant in giving us the tools, techniques and advice needed in such a supportive and caring approach to getting Snow and Florence not only going to sleep better at night, but also sleeping all the way through the night. 

This age is a little tricky as they are certainly much more independent but it only took 2 weeks, and along with the advice and tools Natalie provided that constant support of keeping us on track with our sleep plan and any tweaks along the way.

The result is not only 2 little girls sleeping much better and getting the sleep they need at their age – Mama and Daddy are also getting the sleep they need too!

We are based in Australia and I highly recommend Natalie to support you through sleeping needs for your child/ children at any age and especially for multiples.