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Gentle Sleep Consulting

It's all about love and respect

The most important part of my role as a sleep consultant is in helping parents to achieve their sleep goals through a means that is both respectful of their child's blossoming personality and respectful of their own parenting style. 

Your child needs quality sleep as much as you do. Sleep is an opportunity for their bodies to rest and grow, and for their brains to process all of the new experiences and information they're exposed to throughout the day. A well rested child is happy, playful, energetic and curious to learn, and a well rested parent can enjoy their child's energy and be the parent that they want to be. 

As well as being completely passionate about all things sleep, I'm also a mother of three children and so my approach is realistic whether you're a first time parent to one baby, or you've got three kids and are coping with bedtime on your own. We'll create a sleep plan that works for you and your child, and I'll be on hand to support you every step of the way. 

What about the crying?

When we make changes to our baby's sleep habits they're going to protest, and crying is their way of expressing this. I can't promise you no tears, but I aim for fewer tears, and I certainly would never ask you to ignore your child's cries or to do something that you're not completely comfortable with. 

I know a thing or two about sleep, but you're the expert on your family, so together we can create a plan that is loving and respectful towards the little people in your life.  

       A sleep plan that is gentle for all ages

       A sleep plan that is gentle for all ages